Lead UI Engineer

Worked in planned and fast paced agile development environment, where tasks are planned in scheduled manner to achieve UI Implementation + Backend Dev simultaneously to satisfy QA Test cases and Product team requirements.

In 2013, A new version of Snapdeal Ecommerce about to begin for mobile platform, I have taken the opportunity and Initiated Mobile Web App ( as Individual Contributor, maintained and expanded Mobile UI team to 8 UI people, mentored, groomed and delegated sub feature of Mobile Web App to team members over the period of 2 years


After long complaint from 2G (slow internet connection) users, Tech team has decided to have an experiment to cater long tail user of via making a lighter version, I have contributed to maintain and enhance custom JavaScript library, re-integrated all Ecommerce features to new lighter version with small team of 3 people in stipulated time with MVP in 3 weeks and further extended most of Ecommerce feature within 2 months

Flash Sales & Microsites

Contributed to deployment of many flash sales like Nestle Maggi relaunch, Micromax Mobiles, etc.

Following were crucial things of my Job Profile in SNAPDEAL:

  1. Implementation of UI design in fluid width to HTML, CSS / CSS3, JSTL, JS, jQuery, Ajax,
  2. Team mentoring, guiding and grooming
  3. Brainstorming Requirement Closure / Stand up / Scrum Meetings
  4. Coordination with Design Team, QA & Back-end Dev to deliver Product requirement in stipulate time
  5. Cross Browser Compatibility, Web and Mobile / Handheld devices (Android, Window Phone7+, iOS4+, Opera Mini, UC Browser) and Fluid implementation
  6. Individual Contributor
  7. Spring Framework basic knowledge


Few more tasks / features developed during employment with SNAPDEAL:

Individual Contributor

·       Homepage with multi-level navigation

·       Homepage Admin (Drag drop sorting)

·       EMI feature Implementation

·       SnapBox & Automatic Promo Code

·       New Cart (angularJS 1.2, utilized)

·       Seller level shipping charges

·       Same Day, Next Day Delivery options

·       Header UI Changes & Homepage Sticky search Bar

·       New Offers Page

·       jQuery upgrade from version1.4 to 1.11

·       PDP Revamp,

·       Return & Replace flow

Team Lead

·       Search pages Revamp

·       Auto sugestor

·       Recent Viewed and Recommended widget

·       Buy flow revamp

·       Same Day, Next Day Shipping

·       Return, Replace Implementation in My Account

·       Same Day, Next Day Delivery options